Linking Devices (Bindewörter)

Purpose Linking words
Time afterwards, as soon as, before meanwhile, then, until, after a few hours...
Sequence to begin with, at the beginning, in the beginning, as a start, first, ...second, then, next, before, after, afterwards, as soon as, last, finally, at the end, in the end
Addition and, as well as, besides, furthermore, also, moreover, in addition, not only... but also
Cause/Reason because, as, since, this way, due to, for this reason
Result so, as a result, therefore, as a consequense
Contrast but, although, even thogh, in contrast, howerver, whereas, on the one hand/on the other hand, neither... nor
Consession naturally, of course, yet, still, however, although, nevertheless
Conclusion/Summary on the whole, therefore, so, in brief, summing up, in conclusion
Paraphrase in other words, that is to say, to put it another way
Illustration/Exemplification for axample, for instance, to illustrate, that is, namely, such as

Diese Bindewörter sollten gelernt werden. Unserer Meinung nach sind diese genügend für eine erstklassige Arbeit.